Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dear Badshah masala ! #LocalTales

Thousands of tired, irritated, helpless, sometimes aggressive, innocent women like myself travel in the train everyday!
We listen to our nagging parents, husband, In-laws, bosses, colleagues, fellow train travellers every day.
The only "me-time" we get is when we are travelling in the train. We read, fight, shout, crochet, stitch, chat, meditate and sleep during that 1 hour of me-time.
And just when we are in the middle of this well-deserved break we have to listen to this awfully horrendous Badshah Masala jingle.
No! No! No! We are not interested in Rajwadi garam masala or chole masala or chat ka masala or biryani masala. We don't even want to think of cooking or anything close to it.
We pay for the tickets to travel and we don't deserve to go through this torture everyday before and after each station!
Please play this jingle on television or radio or any other place where we have the option to turn it off!
Thank you..
Ps: Also, I don't cook. So, wrong TG mate!

Monday, March 16, 2015

What happens, happens for good.

What happens, happens for good. 

It all started with a "yes", She wasn't sure, but a blinded belief 
What happens, happens for good. 

It then got them close, few things that were not right, but she decided to ignore
What happens, happens for good. 

He made his first mistake, she felt the pinch but din't react
What happens, happens for good.

She looked around, it was a forest full of wild and beast
What happens, happens for good.

He promised her a sky, where she could fly, she believed 
What happens, happens for good.

She trusted him and decided to take a leap, she spread her wings
What happens, happens for good.

Little did she know it was a trap, helpless, She reached out to him
What happens, happens for good

He looked away, she repented, it was a lie after all
What happened was a sign after all.

A sign that she was shown, A sign that she chose to ignore.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Aye Maroo! No Good bye for you!

Blogging after a long time,  Well It had to be for someone awesome, Here you go Maroo Lots of mush coming up, brace yourself ! :) I am going to be good to you and writing this “In my full senses”

So mystery maroo, what can I say... She’s been my greatest critic, right from the pinks that I wore to my attitude to work to life, she always has something to say. 

2 years has gotten us so close, It’s so unreal. These 2 years were the toughest, with work, with life. Tested my patience, my ability, my intelligence (Umm, you get it, they were the most pathetic two years ever) We aren’t the conventional “I’ll-call-you-day-in-and-day-out” friends, But we are the “chill-I-am-here” types.

2years back I saw this girl, cribbing about how she didn't get a desk after being in the Organisation over 2 months, but as a fresher I did. And yes, the sadist that I am, I loved this! Having said that please follow her on twitter @Eternalcribber. (Yep, this was the next rant that she had, Meko Follow Karo!) 
Ofcourse, The icebreaker was the bhindi ki sabji and when I called her "she-who-must-not-be-named" by mistake (Well well, thats when I made her this:http://wthdidido.blogspot.in/)
And ever since then we have been thick, Well , Ummm , Okay.. Should I? , ARGH , Here >>> “Best Friends”. 

A friendship where we both are equally busy in our lives, but still find that small tiny winy time for each other.
Together we have seen many ups-and-downs, many changes around us, people acting weird. Of course the epic bitching sessions are unforgettable, but we are AWESOME in gamers as well ( Remember my birthday in timeout?) hahaha 

Its your last day at Ogilvy, and here's the list of things I am gonna miss 

- Yo! Reached?
- No ya, Traffuck
- eyeeee *The patent cribber tone"
- Pink? like no other colors?
- The epic "i-dont-agree-but-if-you-say-so" nod
- Aww (The sarcastic one,not the cute one)
- What's wrong with these people ya +*The patent cribber tone"
- What's wrong with you ya +*The patent cribber tone"
- What's wrong with this car ya +*The patent cribber tone"
- What's wrong with me ya +*The patent cribber tone"
- Lunch in 5?
- Lunch in 10?
- Early Lunch?
- What's wrong with this dosa ya +*The patent cribber tone"
- Damn I am never having masala maggi again
- Why is this canteen guy so sweet to you
- Aye, put more chocolate sauce (Ofcourse the answer is no, bwhahaha)
- Mushrooming Pizza + Lemon Grass cooler + Maroo
- Post lunch Staircase gupshup
- Die
- Kya yaa
- Really
- Like Really
- Really Like Really
- Oh Please! 
- Go to hell
- Haww Kutti!
- You said 10 minutes half an hour back
- I shouldnt have worn heels today
- Why me? 
- Whateves
- Shit +*The patent cribber tone"
- Dude, I gotta tell ya something
- You are So Shameless
- Go Die
- Super Driving Skills
- Super Driving Skills+Talking on phone
- Super Driving Skills+Talking on phone+*The patent cribber tone*
- 200 Expressions
- 500 Poo expressions (bwhahaha)
- The never ending Poo tales
- Everything Bling
- Forever 21
- Listen stop me from buying anything, okay?
- But I think I really need this, like pura black top hai, I need something bright na? 
- My CC bill !!! Nooo  + *The patent cribber tone"
- Accept it I AM your bestie
- Calls ... never ending calls
- And the never ending Prachi Maroo problems!!!!!!!

Dear Maroo,

Words will always fall short to tell you, what you mean to me and How much I will Miss you. I don't know what life holds for us, if we will talk everyday or once in a week or whatever. All I know is that life was awesome when you were around, I just had to talk to you, and I would be fine! 
But I guess the best part is that I could be myself with you. One thing: You are awesome the way you are, don't let negative people affect you.
I won't bid you a farewell, you know why? coz we are here to stay, Atleast till the time I can bear your tantrums :D  bwhahahaha (Enter my recent favourite emoticon)
Thank you for being so thoughtful and just being there :) 

Love you Always,


Ps: Its been a while since I have written something, toh kaam chalale ! :D

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I love bombay - Happy Friendship day

Yesterday was friendships day and like any other Sunday I was all set to chill and watch T.V.and go off to sleep. But when you have some crazy friends and you are in bombay, plans "just" happen out of the blue. It first started with some hookah, and when we all were on a high and were feeling good, we decided to explore Bombay.

It was 11.30pm when we started driving humming old hindi songs and just feeling lighter from within. I had the most amazing time binging on Yogurt Ice cream with fruit bursts! Just when we were about to leave one of my friends exclaimed "Do you want a bankok experience ?",  We were confused as to what bankok experience he is talking about! Ammm .. Well he was actually talking about shemales :D :D  yeah, He took us to this road in Bandra where there were 2-3 sophisticated and well dressed shemales. This was the first time i had seen one OMG LOL ROFL ! :D 

After that we thought of going to marine drive, we took the "bandra sea link" route *Which was mesmerizing* and reached Marine Drive "Super mesmerizing", I could feel the cold breeze. 
We all laid back by the sea face, and that was the most blissful moment of the day. I could see the stars above me and when i looked to my right I saw the entire Queen's necklace *i was intrigued*. Just when was so lost, I hear my friends asking me to "wake-up". Yeah, I fell asleep right there LOL !!!

After that My dearest friends started feeling hungry, so we decided to go the Mohammad ali road at 3.30am, ha-ha! Yeah there was kebabs waiting for us Also temporary veggies like us were left to drool. My other friends had a lip smacking experience :) 

So this is how I Rediscovered Bombay, and Celabrated my Friendships day (With Swaroop, Asawaree, Sheetu, Akhil, and Jassi) 

*Most yaadgaar stuff - Fruit burst, Silicons, Getting smoke out of nose through hookaah, never order pizza hut ka pasta, marine drive :)  


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time Distance and Speed

It’s been 20 years now, 20 years since my first day of college, for me life back then revolved around just my college and home.  The definition of Life back then was completely different. “An achievement” meant reaching the 8:40am lecture on time. “Success” was being the part of the most popular group. Life biggest “mess and confusion” was on just how to convince mom to come and talk to the HOD on being black listed.  Those days, which I remember my mom telling “Will never come back”. 
I still remember my 15th birthday party, my two best buddies had given a lil’ surprise to me, the best ever birthday I had. I still remember, the way Elle was all decked up in her Lil Black Dress and high heels “Those are my favourite Stilettos girls”, she would say and Stacie’s warm hug with Giggle as she wished me “Happy Birthday Cinderella, Its midnight, you can’t be sleeping now !!!”  Well, yeah I was sleeping, because last birthday practically no one called and that had left me very disappointed. Stacie, Elle and I had a Blast that day, I remember sneaking in some booze, “If I was a judge I would have made boozing legal at the age of 15, but who cares as long as we don’t get caught” – Well this was my Epic Quote which was repeated over and over again by Elle after she got Drunk! . Elle and Stacie were my school/college friends.

I wonder how they are now, is Elle still a fashion Fanatic? , Does Stacie still carry her simplicity? Yeah, I am not in touch with them. Time, Distance and Speed has always been my most Hated topic in math and yes, that was the reason for my not being in touch with my two best pals. The Speed in which our lives were moving, gave us no time for each other and increased the distance between us. I miss them so much.

As time drifted, all three of us found our respective priorities, we found our emotional support in our respective love interests. In Initial years of my dating, I never really “missed-missed” them, I found a great friend in Raj, that was a magical phase, everything and everyone else seemed unimportant.

Raj, “charmer” as I would call him, yes, he had the most irresistible charm. He was the Blue eyed boy of our group. A guy with a lot of style, his crafted smile would reach his eyes making his eyes twinkle. We were the most loved couple in the college, We loved each other and everyone loved us.  Inspite of spending all day together , we used to talk every night, rather I used to talk and he used to listen “I love listening to you”, he would say. I bought that reason initially, but later it started bothering me, “Why is it that he never shares those small moments with me, the way I do”, I would wonder.

It was almost 3 years of our relationship when problems started cropping up. The problems between us were silly but extremely heart breaking, and emotionally taxing. It was the very Famous Problem of Expectations – Well not that there was any kind of miscommunication between us, I had read “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” WAY before I got into the relationship and hence I knew the Importance of “Communication”, but all vain, guess there should have been a book  “Men are Creepy liars and Women need to Deal with it” , then things would have been easier. DAMN!

Well yeah initially, I thought of calling up Stacie or Elle, so that I could share my problems and seek for solutions, but then something always stopped me from calling them and telling them my problems, and whenever I would usually call them, It would be to ask them their whereabouts and that was it.  As for the problems, Slowly I started growing immune to those problems. There were times when I just wanted to just walk out but I could not, I just loved him way too much. Soon we got busy in our lives, with work and hardly had the time think about our problems. Not too good I know, But it wasn’t as bad either.

Today is my 35th birthday, Raj has gone out for a conference, Kids have gone trekking, and I, Well, I am at home think back about those days where butterflies in the stomach were a result of excitement and not of emptiness. While I am still flipping through the pages of my Scrap book I come across a page where Stacie, Elle and mine picture is displayed with a Caption “Time, Distance or Speed nothing can do us apart - We love our Friendship more than we love Edward Cullen” Reading that line I just couldn’t stop laughing, and I look at my mobile, With shaky hands and tearful eyes I write “I miss you Stacie, I Miss you Elle, I wish you guys were with me right now ... Luv..  ”. I don’t get any reply, I am disappointed, I shouldn’t have messaged may be they are sleeping, Arrgh!!! I am so stupid, I think, I should just try and sleep.

After an hour *Door bell Rings trice*, I wake up with a start, Its 1.30am who can It be? Raj ? No!  Who is this then, at this time? *Door bell Rings again*

I proceed towards the living room and cautiously unlock the door. As soon as the door opens, I feel a warm hug “Happy birthday Cinderella, You can’t be sleeping, I know it’s not mid night but it’s your birthday,”  As I feel the hug tears well up, “Someone please, switch on the Light, aww, my nail got chipped” , I switch on the lights and see Elle and Stacie. I look and them and hug them tight, I can’t believe they are here.

“Aww, sweetie, we will have to coat you with tons of concealer to hide those dark circles” says elle, We all start laughing.  “I think you should have called us earlier, but no problems we still have lots of time, hey guess what”.  Stacie asks, I look at Stacie with utmost curiosity. And Elle Whispers To me “Boozing is legal now, Common let’s get drunk” I look at them and I start laughing like a child.

 My Wish was granted, and Yes, They have not changed, not one bit !

Monday, October 11, 2010

And the world says I have changed …

You know you are treading the path to success when, someone as a part of your life told you that “you have changed”, this shows that you have stopped living your life “their” way, so you now have that “extra time” to work on your skills and dedicate them to some more relevant people.  And as is, if nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies!!!!

As I take a gander at my past I realized that we think we are loved by people because of what we are, but the truth is that most of the times we are loved by people because, “we are what they want us to be” and while doing so one can never be happy, because we aren't ourselves!!! There are very few genuine people that we would meet in our Journey of life, without a mask and without unreasonable expectations. It doesn’t take coruscation of great wit for a person to accept that “Change is inevitable” and to stop any kind of change impossible. And it’s not the individual who changes it’s just the circumstances around him!!! But Du-oh Lack of some basic intellect again!

Have you ever wondered why is it that whenever you are free, your friends are busy and just when you get busy there is a hullabaloo “Oh you have changed” .. Huh, Hello!! I AM JUST BUSY, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!  Well this typically happens when you set your priorities and for once make sure that you follow them. In the long run setting priorities is essential unless we want people around us to take us for granted.
Whatever I said has not been referred by some “How to-” book or from any “Art Of living” course, it has been my life and the people around me that have taught me this. In our life we meet a lot of people; each one has a role to play and a lesson to teach.  However, I have been lucky enough to have learnt this rather early in my life.

It’s when I realized that the purpose of my life to please everyone around me that I started working on my growth and realized that is what everyone around me has been doing always, but now just because I have taken a stand everyone has a problem. Well letting the bygones be bygones, I have changed “Happily ever after”! Well .... For good!!! lol ;)