Monday, March 16, 2015

What happens, happens for good.

What happens, happens for good. 

It all started with a "yes", She wasn't sure, but a blinded belief 
What happens, happens for good. 

It then got them close, few things that were not right, but she decided to ignore
What happens, happens for good. 

He made his first mistake, she felt the pinch but din't react
What happens, happens for good.

She looked around, it was a forest full of wild and beast
What happens, happens for good.

He promised her a sky, where she could fly, she believed 
What happens, happens for good.

She trusted him and decided to take a leap, she spread her wings
What happens, happens for good.

Little did she know it was a trap, helpless, She reached out to him
What happens, happens for good

He looked away, she repented, it was a lie after all
What happened was a sign after all.

A sign that she was shown, A sign that she chose to ignore.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Aye Maroo! No Good bye for you!

Blogging after a long time,  Well It had to be for someone awesome, Here you go Maroo Lots of mush coming up, brace yourself ! :) I am going to be good to you and writing this “In my full senses”

So mystery maroo, what can I say... She’s been my greatest critic, right from the pinks that I wore to my attitude to work to life, she always has something to say. 

2 years has gotten us so close, It’s so unreal. These 2 years were the toughest, with work, with life. Tested my patience, my ability, my intelligence (Umm, you get it, they were the most pathetic two years ever) We aren’t the conventional “I’ll-call-you-day-in-and-day-out” friends, But we are the “chill-I-am-here” types.

2years back I saw this girl, cribbing about how she didn't get a desk after being in the Organisation over 2 months, but as a fresher I did. And yes, the sadist that I am, I loved this! Having said that please follow her on twitter @Eternalcribber. (Yep, this was the next rant that she had, Meko Follow Karo!) 
Ofcourse, The icebreaker was the bhindi ki sabji and when I called her "she-who-must-not-be-named" by mistake (Well well, thats when I made her this:
And ever since then we have been thick, Well , Ummm , Okay.. Should I? , ARGH , Here >>> “Best Friends”. 

A friendship where we both are equally busy in our lives, but still find that small tiny winy time for each other.
Together we have seen many ups-and-downs, many changes around us, people acting weird. Of course the epic bitching sessions are unforgettable, but we are AWESOME in gamers as well ( Remember my birthday in timeout?) hahaha 

Its your last day at Ogilvy, and here's the list of things I am gonna miss 

- Yo! Reached?
- No ya, Traffuck
- eyeeee *The patent cribber tone"
- Pink? like no other colors?
- The epic "i-dont-agree-but-if-you-say-so" nod
- Aww (The sarcastic one,not the cute one)
- What's wrong with these people ya +*The patent cribber tone"
- What's wrong with you ya +*The patent cribber tone"
- What's wrong with this car ya +*The patent cribber tone"
- What's wrong with me ya +*The patent cribber tone"
- Lunch in 5?
- Lunch in 10?
- Early Lunch?
- What's wrong with this dosa ya +*The patent cribber tone"
- Damn I am never having masala maggi again
- Why is this canteen guy so sweet to you
- Aye, put more chocolate sauce (Ofcourse the answer is no, bwhahaha)
- Mushrooming Pizza + Lemon Grass cooler + Maroo
- Post lunch Staircase gupshup
- Die
- Kya yaa
- Really
- Like Really
- Really Like Really
- Oh Please! 
- Go to hell
- Haww Kutti!
- You said 10 minutes half an hour back
- I shouldnt have worn heels today
- Why me? 
- Whateves
- Shit +*The patent cribber tone"
- Dude, I gotta tell ya something
- You are So Shameless
- Go Die
- Super Driving Skills
- Super Driving Skills+Talking on phone
- Super Driving Skills+Talking on phone+*The patent cribber tone*
- 200 Expressions
- 500 Poo expressions (bwhahaha)
- The never ending Poo tales
- Everything Bling
- Forever 21
- Listen stop me from buying anything, okay?
- But I think I really need this, like pura black top hai, I need something bright na? 
- My CC bill !!! Nooo  + *The patent cribber tone"
- Accept it I AM your bestie
- Calls ... never ending calls
- And the never ending Prachi Maroo problems!!!!!!!

Dear Maroo,

Words will always fall short to tell you, what you mean to me and How much I will Miss you. I don't know what life holds for us, if we will talk everyday or once in a week or whatever. All I know is that life was awesome when you were around, I just had to talk to you, and I would be fine! 
But I guess the best part is that I could be myself with you. One thing: You are awesome the way you are, don't let negative people affect you.
I won't bid you a farewell, you know why? coz we are here to stay, Atleast till the time I can bear your tantrums :D  bwhahahaha (Enter my recent favourite emoticon)
Thank you for being so thoughtful and just being there :) 

Love you Always,


Ps: Its been a while since I have written something, toh kaam chalale ! :D